When you arrive in Viana do Castelo, to spend a season, or simply stay one night, there are several options, for all wallets and tastes. Between hotels, local lodging, airbnb or pousadas. We suggest a list of hotels and provide information on distances, relative to LINK Cowork & Business. If you slow traveler or you have other specific needs - traveling accompanied with children, in a group, with pets etc - or if you need help in looking for an apartment, fill out our FORM. We'll help you find the right accomodation for you.


We indicate these accommodations, given the proximity of LINK and the knowledge we have about them.


Mordoma Guest House                                    56 m

Dona Emilia Guesthouse                                 150 m

Hotel Margarida da Praça (3 estrelas )          250 m

Hotel Jardim Viana (2 estrelas )                      260 m

Hotel Laranjeira (2 estrelas)                            350 m

Fábrica do Chocolate Hotel ( 4 estrelas )      500 m

Hotel Casa Melo Alvim (4 estrelas)                500 m

Hotel Rali Viana (3 estrelas)                            700m

Hotel do Parque (3 estrelas )                          900 m 

Hotel Axis Viana - Business (4 estrelas)        1800 m

Hotel Flôr de Sal ( 4 estrelas )                         2000 m

Hotel Feel Viana (4 estrelas)                           4300 m

Pousada Viana do Castelo ( 4 estrelas)         5900 m